Thursday, 1 February 2007

and so may we be introduced...

hello there, ladies and gentlemen.
i have started this blog after coming to the conclusion that the general public see tesco's workers as nothing but scum that want to steal all your money. robots that don't take in abuse, even. not realising that most of the poor buggers with Customer Care Assistant as their job description are actually humans who don't care about stocks and shares, premium bonds and lifelong pension schemes with the national juggernaught that is Tesco and just normal people who want a paycheck at the end of each month that can pay for their bills.
We do not make the rules and regulations of tescos, nor do we think of each promotion, take home juicy bonuses that can pay for this year's cruise or drive the fastest cars with the latest sat navs.
More often than not, the poor git standing/sitting at the till or stocking the shelves is actually quite hard up and doing 40 hours a week just to put food in their mouths and roof over their heads.
They do not chuckle at the fact that your clubcard wont gain you points on esso petrol, they do not rub their hands gleefully when you buy 5 packs of coke thinking they are on offer when really they're not. They do not mean for your food to fall out of it's bag and go rolling all over the car park, or for the item you wanted in the bakery to be sold out.
No, we're just hard working people who want to get the next 8 hours over and done with without getting someone shouting at us because we have sold out of baking potatoes.
We also do not purposefully not sell you cigarettes or alcohol. The chances are...if you don't look over 16/18 to us then you don't to anyone it's your own stupid fault for not bringing ID with you.
At the end of the day...i would rather you scream at me and buy your toxins somewhere else then get an on the spot fine for selling to an underage person.
Also, there really is no point at shouting "i wont be coming back here again!" as you walk out the door because the chances are that everyone around you will find that a pleasing thought.
What you guys don't understand is that our hands are tied by rules and regulations...why should i get fired and fined because i let your 10 year old pay for your fuel when you could easily just hop out of your car and y' for it yourself.

I am hoping that by setting up this blog, and letting others send me their stories so i can put it up here, for people to become more aware of what is truly means to work for tescos and the stick that we get day in day out.

we really don't mean to piss you off...after all...we don't make the rules. and if you want them changed...shout at the ones who can really do something about it...not the poor buggers that don't even agree with it themselves.

Iced Fox.



Darkblu3 said...

Not just the general public that see sales assistants as scum either. Think they're mainly driven by the idiot managers :(

Spider said...

Hey not all managers are idiots some of us actually agree with you. Unfortunately we have taken our thirty pieces of silver and have been paid to basicly do as we are told or lose our jobs, (by the way I do not work for the mentioned company and Iced Fox it is never a good idea to name names even with disclaimers), I also shop with tescos and as a rule I find you all great and very helpfull so please don't get to bitter it is just a small preportion of people who are blatent fools who can ruin your day/week/month. Just remember where tesco leads other companys follow so this blog is not just needed by tesco emplyee's its needed by all abused sales assistants out there.

Good Luck

Anonymous said...

I agree with the original post, the public do see us as scum, in our store I am surrounded mostly by yes men and women plus idiots that I have to put up with every day, I will be leaving the company after all those wasted years being a nobody.

x-3l0HSSV-x said...

I agree with your statement m8, BUT I live in a crap town called Thetford in Norfolk, and today I was conned by a tescos staff member. I lost a FIVER because I needed a new tenner since mine didn't work at the electronic stills, The lady came up to me, took my tenner, and switched it with a fiver (dumb fuck.). I talked to about it in a reasonable manner, but supposedly she did not believe despite the fact that I checked that it was a tenner and she saw it with her own blind-ass eyes. I wanted to talk to the manager about this issue and she immedietly became furious with me and told me to leave. Lately I have been treated rudely by some staff. I've had better service at a gas-station in America than Tescos. Basically what I'm trying to say is that I absolutely hate my local Tescos because it is operated by a lot of staff with no social skills whatsoever. It's annoying, and not proffesional at all guys.

sam said...

i agree, weeks can be ruined by assholes who think you actually WANT to work in tescos. I joined only two months ago, and yet i am dying to leave, but cannot because i do need that pay check at the end of each month to go to uni in a year or two.
its not like working at tescos was my life ambition, like some customers tend to think, therefore taking you for an idiot, and throwing beer over you when you cant sell them alcohole before 10, or let little kids by ciggerettes.
i have a new found sympathy for all sales assistants having to put up with the cunting custumers all day.

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